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Jeffrey grew up in the sleepy Toronto suburb of Newmarket, Ontario. A true embodiment of suburbia, this mishmash of strip malls and subdivisions was the birthplace of Jeffrey’s rebellious brand of creativity. Feeling dissatisfied with the monotone landscape of his surroundings, he spent the better part of his youth deeply involved in the Canadian urban art and graffiti scene, collaborating with local creative icons such as Reilly Hodgson of No Fun Press along the way. Jeffrey also participated in a series of urban beautification projects for the City of Toronto, and was a member of the municipally-sponsored Style in Progress art initiative until the mid-late 2000s.


Carrying a portfolio packed with street art, Jeffrey entered Humber’s School of Media Studies in 2009. He completed their Advertising & Graphic Design program, finishing with a major in Art Direction. Upon graduation, Jeffrey worked as Art Director & Designer for top ad industry influencers, Martin Beauvais and Christian Mathieu. Having spent a handful of time collaborating on multiple advertising projects, Jeffrey became overwhelmingly fascinated with the world of antiques & vintage and left the industry to pursue his new-found passion. 


In 2013, Jeffrey launched the colourful and meticulously curated vintage apparel brand, Neon Stockyards. Notable clientele of which include renowned designer Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh, and 10 Deep Apparel founder Scott Sasso. In the same year, Jeffrey also began working simultaneously as a decorating consultant at one of Benjamin Moore’s most premier locations. If he wasn’t selling vintage apparel, his days were spent working closely with designers, decorators, and painters to turn their client’s interior decorating vision into a reality. 


a decorating philosophy built on preservation 

We live in an age where phrases like “fast fashion” and “planned obsolescence” have entered our vernacular. The speed in which trends shift in our contemporary world has produced a disposable culture, in which everything from couches to curtains are manufactured to be used for one season and tossed out the next. This phenomena has created a perpetual cycle of consumption that is tremendously destructive to our planet and produces unprecedented amounts of waste. Our environment suffers, but so does the quality and design integrity of the items we observe and interact with on a daily basis. Somewhere along the line, we let the comforts of speed and convenience dictate the ways in which we create - but it hasn’t always been this way.


Before the digital era, true artisans and masters of their craft created our homes and everything we put inside of them with a high consideration for longevity in both form and function. Their work can be seen in the scrolling ornamental trim along Victorian mansions from the turn of the century, or in the bevels and curves of Art Deco furniture from the Great Depression. These creations never fall out of fashion, and on the contrary, their richness and character deepen like a fine wine as the years go by. Many occupants of older properties often tend to overlook the true

beauty of what they have been given, and will choose to replace rather than restore. Demolition is rarely the solution when creating a harmonious space in an older home, the answer is almost always preservation. Historic homes, much like antiques, have an authenticity that can never be replicated or duplicated. Their character and richness should be exploited, and the masterfully crafted elements of these spaces demand to be preserved, not destroyed.


Willim Interiors is a full service interior decorating firm with a philosophy built on the concept of preservation. Most of the homes in Toronto and many in the GTA were constructed nearly a century ago or later, and these older spaces feature timeless elements of design and architectural features. Before you commit to a costly, wasteful, and invasive demolition & renovation project, consider redecorating. Jeffrey will use his lifetime of experience in art direction and design to identify the features in your home that should be highlighted, and the hidden beauty of your space will be revealed while preserving its true character. From colour consultations to entire home makeovers, Jeffrey and his team can breathe new life into any older space in need of revival. Contact Willim Interiors and reimagine the potential of your space. 


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Progress on Willim Interiors' debut portfolio is coming along beautifully, but it will still be a matter of a time until the work is ready to be showcased. Therefore, the portfolio launch date, along with the YouTube launch has been moved ahead to Spring of 2020. However, be sure to check back in the fall, as the Willim Interiors online shop and Instagram account will be opening this November! 

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